Saturday, 31 January 2009


I was sitting at my desk looking at the letters on the keyboard.  Thinking about how we make words and how letters, something small, can stand for something so much bigger.  A word, but not only a word a simple yet incisive question.


It just seemed like a huge question to me.  Why do things happen? Why do we care and love the people we do? Why do we have to hurt? Why is the sky blue? Why do I see things as beautiful?

On taking the photo the key suddenly seemed to glow.  OK so I know that's only dust, but it seemed to me to highlight just how important it is to continue to ask questions. Before the photo I didn't see the dust or the glow of the key, but focusing on it made details show that otherwise I wouldn't have seen.  Kinda like the other questions.

001 copy

Turning to the window I saw this little guy glowing in the sunlight.  There somehow seemed to be something that switched my mood from contemplative to in awe of the beauty in the world.  From the darkness in my mood there was a sudden brightness, a lightness which permeated every fibre.

Its amazing how just noticing the world around too me away from the rubbish inside to a hopeful outlook, ready to face the things life can throw

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