Sunday, 26 October 2008

Not As Old As I Thought

Isn't it always nice to realize your still new at your career and youthful.  For the last 7 years I've been the senior member of my team in my paid job.  I guess in the world of lampworkers I'm still a baby... which is a lovely thought

On one of the lampwork forum they set up an Ages Poll.  At the time of me posting this of the folks who make lampwork beads.

8-25 years old   = 3.4%

26-35 years old = 14.97%

36-45 years old = 32.49%

46-55 years old = 33.16%

56-65 years old = 13.27%

66-75 years old = 2.55%

76-85 years old = 0.17%

Now this is so cool because I fall into the 26-35 year old category.  Makes me feel so much better and somehow makes me think, wow, that gives me time to learn and develop.  I have years of this career ahead of me rather than thinking I've hit the glass ceiling and can't go any further.  Means I have time to develop my own style and find my niche in the market rather than having to be the best at everything right now.


I just thought I'd also show you some beads which I'm calling tiny treasures.  These beads are 5 mm from hole to hole which means that they are fantastic for making into jewellery as they are small enough to be part of a set yet distinct enough to be fab beads.

Thank you for your interest in my musings


Saturday, 25 October 2008

Big Bead Show Prep

It's amazing how much time it takes to put sets together and photograph them.  I have to say though I'm really happy that I've done it and I can begin to see what sort of stuff I have made ready for the Big Bead Show.

IMG_3626 copy

By a long way I don't feel as if I've made enough but at least I feel as If I'm on my way and wont be ashamed of what I end up taking.  I guess the truth is that I'm beginning to get anxious about this and wonder how people will take my work.  The truth is I wont know until the show.

IMG_3621 copy

Thanx for dropping by.  Wish me luck for next Saturday.


Saturday, 18 October 2008

I'm a Full Time Lampworker...

... well I am for at 2 weeks. 

I've left my last job and start a new one in two weeks, but that gives me two weeks to prepare for the Big Bead Show ... re-write my web site which has been winding me up as Mr Site will just not behave ... and make loadsa beads.

I've got a whole pile of beads which need to be cleaned and I will get those photos up in the next few days, but the main priority is fighting Dreamweaver.  I hope I'm winning but we will see in the next few days.  I feel really excited as it will give me full control over how the web site works... and I wont have to fight something which although meant to be easy... really isn't.

Signing off as a lady of luxury... lol

Saturday, 11 October 2008

Facebook business page

So today I was supposed to be making beads... kinda hasn't happened but instead I've been making a facebook business page.  Rowanberry Glass was telling me how good its been for her business, so I decided to give it a go.

So its up and running hopefully you'll like it

I've also been making some more sculptural beads.  This one is a little bird.  I made a whole flock and the do look cool together.  The can be used to make really cute earrings.


I can see a whole line of little creatures coming.  Dragonflies, beads and of course cute teddies.

I've put a whole new load of snaps of the beads I plan to take to the big bead fair on flickr.  They aren't selling piccies but more of a record of what I've been making. Enjoy

Thank you for dropping by