Sunday, 18 January 2009

The Importance of Time

Have you thought about the importance of time.  I've felt for a while that I've  not had the time do be creative or do the things I want.  Somehow by the end of the day I don't seem to have achieved anything I want to do and only just managed the things I have to.

DH and I had a long conversation about how to find me more time within our day but didn't really come up with any solution.  Just the observation that for me there was something really missing.

Following a recommendation from a friend I decided to go TV and computer free.  The computer free thing worked to the extent that I managed to only write on my blog and chat to friends who were on line at the time... one a creative activity and friends are really important. 

I didn't have a TV for 3 years so thought that it wouldn't really make too much difference.

My goodness how much more time... I've been so tempted to turn the TV on just to give me something to do...  Yes I am also avoiding the housework.... Suddenly there in the middle of my life is the time that I so wanted.  Rather than have to consider working fewer paid hours... I have hours that are simply empty.

Suddenly I can see where a bike ride could fit, where heading out the the studio can happen... and still have time for friends, husband and housework... although I might continue to avoid that as much as possible.  I can suddenly see how to create the life style that I want.  Just how cool is that and with no pain.... I just now need to use it hey.

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