Friday, 30 January 2009

50 Things

Over the last few years I've often seen people challenge themselves to make 50 things through out the year.  These things have been on drawing sites, some craft and 43Things is about 43 things you would like to be able to do with your life.

Most of these sites either give you a list or ask you to form a list. 

I like the idea of working to someone else's list as it will give you a challenge that you would never thought of doing.  I like the idea of a list you create yourself as it is really personal, although I guess I would run out of ideas or my vision changes so frequently I would probably end up sabotaging myself. 

Some else has set the challenge slightly differently in that they plan to make 50 items in a year.  So that generally works out at one a week.  I'm kinda liking this idea as I have so many projects that go unfinished and it would be a challenge to get them sorted.  The promise to myself is that they would be art rather than just craft.  For me that means that they have some kind of meaning.  Trust me I know that's not the only differentiation between art and craft

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So I guess these make up my first items in this challenge to myself.  Over the next few days I will work out what I plan to do, follow someone else's list... and I've found one I like, or just make the commitment to myself to finish things or may be its about challenging myself to try something new. 

The bottom line promise to myself is that I will finish one piece a week for the remainder of the year.

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