Friday, 23 January 2009

Hope Continued

This piece continues my musings about hope.


At the core is an ivory base which has been textured with browns representing the core of our lives. That was encased in amber to which I added the frit. If you look closely you can see some grey green dots, this is the frit, however most of it as reacted with the amber to give the dark brown transparent hues at the bottom.

Its one of those reactions I keep forgetting about. The interesting thing though had been as I had been musing about creating these hope pieces I had wanted a dark transparent to cover the core and some of the gold but couldn't work out how to achieve as a normal encasing layer would have been too big. so instead of a damaged piece I achieved unexpectedly what I wanted.


There is gold leaf laid on top of the brown representing hope. This was then encased in clear. In the above picture you can more clearly see the striations in the core and the wealth of gold encased in this bead.

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