Saturday, 17 January 2009


Do you ever really notice things... not just see them but really see them? 

I have been spending time becoming more aware of my environment and you know its amazing.

Driving down the A3 towards Guildford through the countryside with the sun rising was beautiful.  Occasionally there was the harsh white straight lines as a bridge cut into the countryside but generally it was green and well not quite verdant... after all this is still January. 

I suddenly saw aliens on the horizon, tall imposing structures stretching across the horizon.  Ok so they were power cables, but in them I saw war of the world aliens or tripods (another one of my favorite scifi stories).

Further down my journey I saw the hospital I was heading to on the top of a hill.  Now bearing in mind I've driven down this road on and off for 11 years, I've never really seen the hospital on the hill and how imposing it is.  Of course I knew it was there.. but I had never really seen it.

The other one that made me laugh at myself was driving around the hospital site I saw this really tall tower... now I knew there was one on site a the morgue but had never seen it.  Only there it was, right by where I've parked my car for the last 2 years.  Man I must have been living in a complete daze.

I suddenly feel as if my eyes are opened... certainly I'm looking up out from my ordinary little world... and you know something my anxiety and stress seems to reduce and I notice more around me.  The pain of a miscarriage just 3 weeks ago has no hold on me as I notice the world outside of myself.

So what about you... will you look up and notice... really see the world around you?  It's a far more interesting place than I thought it was.

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  1. It really can be an amazing place at times and to suddenly open your eyes and really see, lose does do this to you.


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