Monday, 19 January 2009

Emotions through art

I needed a way to communicate my emotions but there are times when words just are not good enough.  The following piece is one I have been working on resulting from my feelings following a miscarriage.  The piece has broken however that doesn't really matter to me as there was something very cleansing about the process of creating the piece. 



There are a number of elements to this piece.  There is pure gold on the front which represents the hope and belief that I will have a child.  It deliberately covers in part the heart.

The varied colours in the background represent the texture of life.  The different things I am involved in.  It is made from raku glass which I have no control of in ensuring what colour it becomes.  Really like life, we have no real control over how things will turn out.

There is a hole at the top which would have been used to secure the tab onto silver, that hold is where there is what looks like a point at the top.


The heart is a representation of not only any uncompleted broken heart but of mother over looking a child hence the difference in sizes.  The child element leaves the main part of the glass as a representation of loss.

All I know is that there was something incredibly cleansing about the process of making this piece and in some ways the fact that it did not survive the kiln for me also represents the fact that my grief will end.  I don't have to spend any more time thinking about this piece as if I had turned it into jewellery there would have been a prolonged process.  I am able to move forward from it, and leave the emotions behind.


  1. That's an inspired and powerful piece. It's incredibly moving to read your article about it and its positive resonance - in the face of such a sadness - will stay with me. All good wishes, Sue - a big fan of your work

  2. Thank you for your comments Sue. Its really lovely to hear that I can inspire

  3. That is so touching and I know partly what you have gone/going through and I think this seems to have helped you come to terms with your lose and try to move on from this life shattering experience and not to give up HOPE for what you long for. Believe!!


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