Friday, 6 February 2009

Why is it...?

I've been going back to my old sketch books over the last couple of days to find inspiration while it's way to cold to go hide in the shed. There are loads of ideas I've not translated into pieces, so that's a really good place to start with new pieces.

I've also been looking around at other blogs, I love seeing what people write and how they turn ideas into art pieces. That has good points and bad points...

The good being I love how different people see the world, I love how people see beauty in the small things in life and how others see beauty in things I just over look.

The bad... I think I've come up with this wonderful new idea. What I often do is let it mull around to see what it turns into. I'm beginning to think I should start playing with materials rather than holding these ideas in my head. Each time I think I've come up with something original, I find it in other peoples work. Not the exact idea but close enough that I begin to worry that if I make my idea that I will be copying.

In one of these artists work I saw a resin component almost identical to the one I'm half way through making. That is something that used to happen with one of my lampworking friends. I would have this fab idea and discuss it with her and show her my test pieces. Almost inevitably she had tried the same thing and her trial piece was so much better than mine.

Feeling frustrated I continued to read what the jewellery artist was saying. She was talking about not looking at other peoples work. About being inspired by nature or classic works of art.

Now that's something I can do.

So my plan

  1. when I have an idea to start making it sooner rather than later and not discuss it with others
  2. to spend more time either taking pictures of nature, looking at nature photos or just being out of the home
  3. to stop looking at others work... rummaging through things like etsy is not good

So here we go... lets try this for more productivity

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