Friday, 13 February 2009

Energy of the Heart

I've been thinking about the idea of people stealing your heart.  All I know is that my heart belongs to one man in terms of loving him but I am becoming aware that people are able to steal pieces of my heart.

Every time I'm angry or can not get over something I believe I've done wrong, for a time my thoughts and my energies all to often end up focused on something that makes me so sad that I find it hard to move forward.  For a time my heart has been stolen.  Yet the truth is but mulling on the injustice I allow them to steal my heart.

These thoughts were all triggered by an incident yesterday when a customer service agent rather than helping me solve my problem, told me she wasn't paid enough, the location of her office and all the things she couldn't do for me, then accused me of abusing her.  Not true but the anger I felt stole my energy for nearly 24 hours.

painting 006So I choose to focus the energy of my heart towards my lovely husband.  We're kinda doing the whole valentines day thing early.  Andy because he wanted me to be able to enjoy my flowers for the whole of tomorrow and not just when they turned up and me.. cos he kinda saw what I was making for him by accident


The shoes in the picture are his shoes which he uses to walk the dog. painting 014 Having not drawn for a while, I was quite impressed by how they turned out.  I'm including them as my creative item for the week as in truth this is all I've managed to finish.  I'm not sure why this week has been so uncreative art wise where as in my paid job its been a real revelation, and the blank job description I've been given is beginning to take some kind of shape.

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