Saturday, 7 February 2009

Still too cold

I've still not managed to get out the shed to melt glass.  I have to say I'm really missing it.  I have an incredible need to be creative at the moment so I will just have to finish the resin pieces I'm working on.

bentall centreI went into Kingston today to find a place to read and drink tea.  I found the place so busy and soul-less, there was no where I felt like being.  My foot fall matched those of everyone around me.  Full of haste and anxiety.  It was only when I stopped and looked around did I finally some beauty in the world around.  Some of it man made in the graceful arches.  But also in the path by the river. river

For some reason I'm beginning to feel like the new year is finally hear.  I have an optimism and a hope such as you would expect at the start of a new year.  So it feels like a time for resolutions for setting goals.  Last year I promised myself I would do more of what made me happy and less of what made me sad. 

That was a really important starting place and to be honest it was something that really resonated with me throughout the year.  As a consequence of that I've changed jobs and in that process possibly career... I need to see how that one pans out.  Lost weight.  I'm also beginning to learn how to love that reflection in the mirror regardless of how it "should" look. 


So what does this new year look like for me.

Well I've written about finishing at least one piece a week, so that's one goal.

I've decided to do Race for Life this year.  I wish I could say there was some altruistic reason but the truth is I'm needing to focus my attention on a goal to get my exercise back on track.  So that means I've given myself 17 weeks to get fit enough to "run" 5K... about 3 miles.  At the moment I can run only about 7 minutes in a 20 session, so that really needs to improve hey. Something else to aim at. BTW if you wanted to sponsor me there is a link at the top of the blog.

At the heart of what I want to achieve this year is still to do more of what makes me happy and less of what makes me sad.  I was thinking about a presentation I had written on spirituality. I shared

  • If I don't do something creative I feel something inside me die
  • If I don't spend time by water I feel breathless
  • I find it hard to express emotions with spoken words but need to write or create art to express them
  • I need to spend time with God to feel peaceful and centred
  • I need routine and structure
  • I need to spend time with people who love and accept me for who I am
  • I take the dog for a walk to be surrounded by nature
  • The way to completely still the thoughts in my head is to draw
  • I love the way my body feels as each part works when I exercise

So I guess its easy, that's what I need to be doing this year as I follow this journey.

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  1. Hi Julie,
    What a pleasure to read your blog and to see you have become a follower of mine. And you are a glass artist, how amazing is that....a woman working with fire and sand of the sea.....I think a real contemplation of nature, I am looking forward to reading more of your journey as you write.
    Kind regards Anne Michelle


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