Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Starting to Unravel

running feet I found this guy when I was out yesterday and he seemed to summarize what I was feeling in my post yesterday about wanting to run away from what I had signed up to do.

Now not being one to run away from how I am feeling I've jumped into the tasks that we've been set.  The truth is I can not help but compare my pictures the the beautiful ones that every one else is producing however that isn't going to stop me participating... although when feeling too raw might stop me looking at everyone else's photos.feet 012

These two pictures go in tandem for me.   it was one of those moments when you realize your images portray something of what you are feeling.  The colourful one is when not working the other one is when I was.  The work one looks so boring while the non working one has so many colours and textures in.  flowers 019the interesting thing for me is that at work I have complete freedom to design my job as the job description isn't written in stone... yet I've brought that work is boring attitude with me.

Something to ponder... how to find the adventure in my paid work because it truly is a new venture and nationally there is no script for it.

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