Thursday, 14 May 2009

Peace in the Storm

I have been painting and making things with glass but not posting them.  Simply because I really strongly felt that it was really important that I fell in love with creating and why I was creating, rather than be focused on selling.  finding what it was I was trying to say rather than just loving the process.

Doing this has lead me to a whole new area of work.  Work which for me has meaning and purpose, in a way that other things have not.  A way for me to begin to express my heart in a way which I have not found before.

046 copy

This peace is called Peace in the Storm

It was displayed yesterday at an event open to the public.  The intention was to promote the work of the NHS trust I work for rather than for anything artistic.  I wanted the stall I was on to be some how different from all the self promotion whilst still promoting the essence of the work I do.  I often feel that the time I give to people is about providing Peace in the Storm of the emotions they are experiencing.

054 copy

Yes it really does shimmer all over as it does in the right of the picture.

The shame in some ways was that I am not allowed to promote myself as this would conflict with my job.  The response and the enquiries regarding my work,however, really were quite inspiring.  People genuinely could not believe that I had completed the work and the sense of peace it inspired in people.

I really believe that I have begun to find where I need to express my heart, and my love

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