Saturday, 16 May 2009



I’ve been feeling for a long time that I need to re arrange my schedule to specifically create time to be creative.  I’ve felt that doing it haphazardly has meant that things just haven't happened.

I’ve finally managed to create time during the working week and what happens when I come to it…. I do all the little jobs that are on the list to do to clear my mind… then I find my mind is fully cleared and I really don't know what to do with the time.  These precious moments that I have been craving suddenly feel like an empty void. 

Why does that happen?

Should I go to the shed to create glass, should I paint the picture I have in my mind, should I continue writing a script, should I finish one of the polymer clay models, should I make the bag that I’ve just bought the materials for or should I list some of the beads I made a while back that haven't been seen or sold? 

It’s just so weird.  I feel overwhelmed by possibility, and at risk of loosing the time I have created.

I guess the truth is that I have been learning how to be and how to be fully in the moment.  So that makes it OK to be overwhelmed by the possibilities… but also it it so incredibly exciting that I can begin to devote my time to some of the things I really want to do.  To begin to create the perfect day I have in my mind… have I written about my perfect day?  I promise I will

Is this sense of excitement and overwhelming something that you can relate to.  It would be fantastic to hear how you have begun to work through it.

Given that the first thing I’ve done when I feel like this is blog I guess what I’ going to do today is write.  it feels like today is a wordy day.

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