Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Tree Bead Necklace Giveaway

I thought I’d do something different this week.  I’m offering a piece of jewellery made with one of my focals.


The silk ribbon is painted and sewn by Diane at SowZerE Designs.   It’s amazing the love and care she puts into her hand made ribbons.  This one is called Calm.  I thought that was so apt for this bead.


The metal in this piece is sterling silver and has been formed by myself.  There are 2 copper spacers at the top and bottom of the bead to hold it in place.

I hope to have some comet beads and dragon scale beads listed on Etsy tomorrow morning.

All you need to do to have a chance of winning this pendant is make a comment, leaving your name


  1. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!!! Love it.
    Cazz (beadercollie on beadbuddies)

  2. Gorgeous bead and the colour of the ribbon complements the bead perfectly,
    Hollergrafik FHF
    Kay x

  3. Absolutely stunning! Droooool!!

    Vicki x (Smudge Designs FH)

  4. Thank you guys. I love this bead and I'm so pleased with how the necklace turned out

  5. Stunning bead & I love the ribbon you've used :)

  6. Ooooo that is Fab!!!! I love it!!!

    Emma x

  7. I adore the bead, especially the swirls of the tree trunk, and I love how the ribbon -which is beautiful in its own right, complements it so wonderfully without taking any attention away from the bead - just as it should be.

  8. That is the most stunning, amazing bead, Julie - I don't know how you can have such control over scary melted glass!!!
    Carrie Potter (on Bead Buddies)

  9. Hey Carrie that was close if you were wanting to get into the draw for the necklace as I'm going to be doing the draw tommorrow morning.

    Thank you for your lovely comment

  10. wow thanks for a great giveaways!!!!


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