Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Wednesday Giveaway – Pink encased fritties

027Today's give away is a set of 5 encased fritties.  Each bead is encased in a light pink glass so that the whole bead is pink.  The giveaway is for all the beads you see in the picture.

I’ve made a promise to myself that I will not miss a posting day since setting up a posting schedule.  Today was nearly the first day that I’ve missed it.  I would normally post at around 9 am it is now gone 9 pm and I’m just about getting ready to post.

I would love to come up with all sorts of reasons why but the truth is that today has been another step on our fertility journey.  I’ve had another hospital appointment today and I feel totally drained, not so much as by the appointment but by facing what I try and hide. 

I can genuinely say that following Friday's post when I really wasn't coping I have got to a place at the moment where I am coping with the pain I feel.  But facing the tests again today I feel like my energy has been sucked out of me. 

So why am I continuing with today's give away… because as I think I’ve said before it makes me happy.  Being able to give away something I have invested love in is something which makes a difference to me.

All you need to do to have a chance of winning today's beads is make a comment about what gives you energy, what makes a difference in your life.


  1. Those beadies are gorgeous. What gives me energy - hmm probably Berocca that I take every morning LOL. My kids certainly make a difference to my life and my new found love of beads!

  2. My dogs give me energy! especially my greyhound! ;) Life is so simple for them, i think we can all learn from having a very chilled out look on life. Slow down, stop and smell the flowers....
    lol to you, your journey is hard but you are so strong to share your experiences.

    Aster xxxxx

  3. Red Bull gives me energy! Thank you for running these little giveaways xx

  4. Hmmm What gives me energy....??? I use exercise mainly the wii fit hula hooping it whihc gives me a boost, my gardening I'm currently trying to make a veggie plot although the rain is stopping me, my lovely cat who's soooooo lazy makes me think I shouldn't be, and my beloved beads and boyfriend who make me think I've got the creativity to inspire others, so I shouldn't waste my days away. Falling all that I use berrocca, homemade parsley soup(my mum's special recipe) and a good nights rest. xxx

  5. wow... sounds like you have a load of things that make a difference ... cool

  6. I am loving your blog and your beads wow.
    My grandkids seems to give me energy and then take it away lol.
    But they make all the difference in my world.
    I have started to follow your blog. Hope you dont mind wow.
    sue xx

  7. wow... thank you so much for your lovely comments

  8. what gives me energy, do you know i havent realy hought about this before, for some years i suffered from severe depression ( loony bin type depression)i got through it with the love and support of my hubby an family, without my hubby i dont think i would have been able to cope, so i suppose its my family and the fact that i did beat it and am a stronger person for it , hubby makes a difference as he is so supportive of everything i do (no mater how much it cost)......... bit of a long ramble form me lol

  9. What gives me energy is God, family, and friends. Chatting with them and spending time with them. Especially after going through some rough patches

    Lovely work you do! Impressive!


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