Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Wednesday Winnings

Hi there it’s my second giveaway/winning day.

I’ve been sitting here thinking, well not thinking that’s a bad description. There are days with my journey through fertility that I just sit an find tears rolling down my face, and today seems to be one of those days so far. Nothing specifically has triggered it and I know that at times moment in time I need to look after myself.


So why am I continuing to give away when I feel like the world is beginning to close down on me and I need to look after myself. For that very reason. I have learned over time that when I feel like this I tend to withdraw into my own little world which is really not very helpful. Giving away these beads is about keeping myself open to the world rather than hiding. Choosing to share who I am rather than running away. I promise however that I will be taking today slowly so that I’m not overwhelmed by what I am feeling.

I thought I would offer you some of my dragon scale beads.


I enjoy making these guys and the movement of the glass.

All you need to do today to have a chance of winning them is leave a comment.

If you come in directly to this page it will be clear how to leave a comment however if you come in on the front page click the word below that says “comment”. This will take you to the page were you can do that…. Good luck



P.S. As I've gone about my business today I've realised that this post could look as if I'm asking you to support me and be kind to me in order to have a chance to get the beads. Honestly this was not my intent. Even if your comment is HIYA, I wouild love to hear from you - J



  1. Hi Julie, thinking of you today. I keep writing stuff and then delete it just wanted you to know you are in my thoughts

  2. Big beady hugs! :) What gorgeous beads, you are such a bright and talented lovely person! Keep that in mind and take each day one at a time, healing takes time. Thinking of you, Aster xxx (BB)

  3. Thank you guys. It is really fantastic to hear people care

  4. Dear Julie, I find life difficult to understand when seemingly unnecessary pain and suffering is inflicted on people who do nothing but trying to be the best they can. You are in my thoughts, and I hope that by taking a step back today you can find something that brings hope and joy! xx
    JulieHB (on FHF)

  5. Hiya Julie,

    I am thinking of you hun. Don't forget that hormones can mess with your mind as well as your body so it's not surprising you are feeling like this. You are doing the right thing in keeping your connection with the outside world open. Though hiding away seems like the most natural thing to do, it's the worst you can do and I am so glad you have recognised that. Don't forget we are there on BB to talk whenever and you can also add me on messenger if you use it.

    Much love



  6. Sending you hugs hun x Beautiful beads xx

  7. Been on a similar journey and know how tough it is - Wishing you lots of courage and strength to get through it.

    Love these beads.

    Marg x
    (Margram, FH)

  8. Isnt it amazing how emotion can rob you of your energy. It's mid day and all I want to do now is sleep. I really appreciate the thoughts and the energy you have put in in commenting. It really emphasises the need to not run away.

  9. Hi Julie
    I love your beads and I'm a big fan of the Romanov set! They are on my wishlist for when I have some spare, just for me, money :)
    I'm so glad you are still being creative when you are feeling so low, here is a saying that I really like... Life can beat you down and crush the soul and art reminds you that you have one. ~Stella Adler
    Keep on creating your beautiful glass art Julie and know that there are people out here that appreciate you and your artistic gift
    Michelle :)

  10. Your beads are really beautiful. I know how you are feeling as I have been through similar a while ago now, try to keep going as you are, hiding away is not good for you, believe me! I am thinking of you and I am hoping there is light at the end of your very long dark tunnel. ♥♥♥ Elaine x

  11. Michelle, glad you managed to get the comments to work. I think Stella Adler is really right there. Thank you Elaine. I genuinely believe that we will have a child, I just dont know when or how it will all work through. Its just these damn hormones

  12. Your beads are gorgeous and unique, like you. It's hard to keepgoing and not withdraw when it gets like that but know that people are thinking of you and wishing you well. Topcat x

  13. Thank you. Today I am genuinely feeling much better... aided by a trip to the gym

  14. Hey Julie,

    Always loved your beads and these are no exception. Glad you're finding it helpful to keep in touch through lampworking.

    Rozelle x

  15. Julie,
    Your beads are amazing, dont hide away such a talent. Glad to here you are feeling a little better now.(((Beadie hugs))) Emma Lou x

  16. Gorgeous beads!!! Lots of hugs to you, sweetie x x x Pixie x


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