Saturday, 20 June 2009

Conceptualising My Art Business – part 1 Why - Summary

I was planning a 4 part series on conceptualising my business.  It was all going really well.  I published article 1, wrote article 2, so far so good.  I did something strange which meant that article 2 replaced article 1 loosing it forever.

This post is a summary of what was lost.  I’m sad that I have to do it this way as I’m aware that some of the energy of the first post will be lost.

So this is my conceptualisation of my business.  This is something I have developed for myself after reading a lot of information from other people.


As I was thinking about it I realised that some of these questions I have answers to but some I really didn't, and these were the fundamental questions.  Like why am I making, let alone selling

So why do I make, in essence there are two answers in that for me

  1. because it is integrally part of who I am.  Without being creative I find part of me dying
  2. there is something about me needing to give back through my creativity and seeing a difference in peoples lives.  For my art to have meaning

Its these two core issues which define my creativity.  It means that it is ok just to make things because I can but also to have something that has meaning.  As a consequent of this I have take some steps

  1. I am allowing myself just to make things because I can.  This means I am allowing myself to enjoy making my dotty beads, and the flow of the molten glass.
  2. I have started teaching people guitar and I am teaching some home schoolers art. 

What I have lost in this is the sense of meaning.  What that means is that there is something to explore about how to create meaning in my art.  This was covered in part 2.


  1. Hey Julie,
    I wanted to say hello one Fish Bowler to another (smile). I hope that you figure things out as the weeks go by with your business and being creative. I think I go throughthe same things every now and then - trying to understand the meaning and mostly I've found that it's such a personal thing but once I've found it, things flow right along swimmingly (grin).
    Have a great weekend!

  2. Hey there, nice for you to say Hi. Some of the Fish Bowl questions are already causing me to think more. Will be interesting to see where it all ends


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