Sunday, 26 October 2008

Not As Old As I Thought

Isn't it always nice to realize your still new at your career and youthful.  For the last 7 years I've been the senior member of my team in my paid job.  I guess in the world of lampworkers I'm still a baby... which is a lovely thought

On one of the lampwork forum they set up an Ages Poll.  At the time of me posting this of the folks who make lampwork beads.

8-25 years old   = 3.4%

26-35 years old = 14.97%

36-45 years old = 32.49%

46-55 years old = 33.16%

56-65 years old = 13.27%

66-75 years old = 2.55%

76-85 years old = 0.17%

Now this is so cool because I fall into the 26-35 year old category.  Makes me feel so much better and somehow makes me think, wow, that gives me time to learn and develop.  I have years of this career ahead of me rather than thinking I've hit the glass ceiling and can't go any further.  Means I have time to develop my own style and find my niche in the market rather than having to be the best at everything right now.


I just thought I'd also show you some beads which I'm calling tiny treasures.  These beads are 5 mm from hole to hole which means that they are fantastic for making into jewellery as they are small enough to be part of a set yet distinct enough to be fab beads.

Thank you for your interest in my musings


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