Sunday, 2 November 2008

Big Bead Show

Well... its happened... and it went great... well I think it did anyway.


Like this it doesn't really look all that much but the good news is that bead show tables are nice and narrow so it looks like so much more.

If my aim was to break even, I did that and more and I'm so pleased.  I know others weren't so happy with the day but as a first show I think it went great.

The things to learn are about how to price my beads... man do I underprice... lol.  Having a wide range of beads is a really good idea but the things that sold were the things which were different from the other lampworkers and not production beads.  If a bead is only worth £3-4 put it in a rummage pot rather than trying to sell it as a focal.

The most fun thing for me and my ego was one of the sales I made.  The show was organized by Bead magazine.  The editor came round towards the end and was checking out how people had done.  She then proceeded to purchase a bead from me saying that she'd broken her own rule and I was the only one she had bought from today... just how cool is that and sooooo good for the ego.

There are loads of beads now up on the website.... happy hunting.  Julie

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  1. I cant believe that was your first show last year. I bought one of your round tree beads, my mother in law and sister in law were with me or I would have likely picked up one of your under water fishy beads as well, but I didnt want to seem greedy.

    I absolutely loved your table, thought they were probably the most unique and beautiful lampwork beads at the show. I even preferred them to my beautiful Unicorn beads, which I also love but they're just not as quite as special.

    I saved my tree bead until this last week when I decided that I want a simple crochet rope chain for it as it just needs to be admired on its own for being such a lovely peice of wearable art. (sad it took me so long to just decide on that but ah well) My goal is to have it together for the show this year so I can justify another of your lovely beads... or two, to my husband when he asks why I have more beads :) Anyway, I love your work, I hope you are attending the show again this year (Oct 2009).


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