Saturday, 25 October 2008

Big Bead Show Prep

It's amazing how much time it takes to put sets together and photograph them.  I have to say though I'm really happy that I've done it and I can begin to see what sort of stuff I have made ready for the Big Bead Show.

IMG_3626 copy

By a long way I don't feel as if I've made enough but at least I feel as If I'm on my way and wont be ashamed of what I end up taking.  I guess the truth is that I'm beginning to get anxious about this and wonder how people will take my work.  The truth is I wont know until the show.

IMG_3621 copy

Thanx for dropping by.  Wish me luck for next Saturday.


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  1. best of luck, im sure it will be fine :0), and people will love your beady's :0).
    Krista x


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