Wednesday, 16 July 2008

New Computer

Lets be honest there hasn't been much up here new.  But that's because I've not really made anything.

I'm currently off work deciding how I want to take the business forward.  The truth is that the wholesale order has been fantastic at providing a steady income.  Unfortunately it has used all my time to do the creative stuff.

Another one of the problems has been that the computer died.  Wot a pain in the butt.  It died from an error that was introduced when it was fixed and then permanently died literally the day after the guarantee expired.  So I'm now sitting here with a fab new computer.

Wot I will say is watch this space for faceted beads, enamel beads and glass jewellery.  I'm on holiday for the next two weeks so hopefully there will be something new and interesting to look at.

Thanx for dropping by


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