Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Is it really over a month

Well I guess it must be since I posted last.
As I was thinking about writing this it was becoming a bit like one of those letters you send to your gran after they've given you a present.
Dear gran, thank you for your wonderful gift, I really like it. Since I last wrote to you I have grown 3 inches, got new teeth and a new red bicycle.
Life hasn't really been that interesting at this end really. A lot of my time has been working towards getting a wholesale order sorted. The time I need for it hasn't been too much but trying to get my head round what was wanted has been. But woo hoo.... looks like I'm finally there.

I was out in the shed doing the wholesale order this morning and stopped for lunch. When I went back to do my creative things I have been looking forward to for ages, I realised I'd managed to leave the propane valve a little open and it had been leaking.
As I couldn't smell gas I nearly re lit the torch... so glad my brain is working a little because I didn't.
Anyway, the plan is now to get my new giggle beads on the site and then bead some more of the nature inspired beads when I'm less likely to blow myself up... doh

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