Monday, 21 July 2008

Are You Sure Chocolate Isn't a Food Group

Its sad to say, but I think I may have found the reason for my absence in weight loss.  It appears that contrary to my hopes chocolate isn't a food group with a minimum daily recommendation. 

The weight is slowly beginning to shift after a month of exercise and no change in the weight.  that was so disappointing.  Going up to the gym three times a week and swimming... and the weight wasn't shifting. 

Although having said that because my posture is so much better I'm now an inch taller.  That takes me over the milestone of 5 foot... wooo hoo.  I've also dropped a clothes size and folks are beginning to notice the difference... which is such a good thing for my ego.

Anyway the holiday relax is beginning to make a difference.  I feel for the first time in ages that I actually want to make some beads... so that's a real difference.

Thanx for dropping in, hopefully there will some glassy goodies to look at soon


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