Thursday, 23 April 2009

It struck me

OK so I haven't quite managed a week without blogging… but my thoughts feel ready to be shared… I might do a Friday blog anyway… lol

Life has been very challenging recently with my journey with infertility.  I have found myself seeking out blogs and words of affirmation… things that will tell me that it’s going to be OK.

The bottom line truth is I have an unshakable faith which says it will be and I know I am loved by an awesome God, but I have been needing words of encouragement and comfort.  To have a concrete reminder that I am deeply loved, that all I have is enough.  and you know looking at much of the art, both in paint and in jewellery, I see I’m not the only one who feels this way. 

There are so many people who use words within their art to express affirmation, hope and desire. 

On Kelly Ray Roberts blog she challenged folk to come up with affirmations she could use in their art.  Wow so many fantastic words, ideas and images.  Just reading it I could feel my heart soar.

But something hit me

The words which i resonated with the most were words which I could see in the bible.  Words which have been spoken over me and I have heard so many times.  There was something to these words though that had a different power in that it was short and to the point.  Arrows that cut through my shell to my needy heart.

The question I ask myself therefore is how do I use this insight… and I realise I end up back at an idea I have been toying with for a long time.  I don't want to make Christian art but I want to make inspired art… and ultimately that art would be inspired by Jesus’ love, that's the bottom line. 

Interesting and intriguing… I wonder where this one ends up… but its an idea that just wont fade.

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