Friday, 17 April 2009

So here we go

I think I’ve worked out how I want to use my blog.  It some how makes sense to me to keep a weekly up date of how things are going here at Merrett mansion… well its not really a mansion but I can dream.

In deciding I need to give up the glass business I found that I stopped being creative.  Unfortunately as I’ve said before something inside me dies when I don't create.  The interesting thing though is that I have been realizing what I have.  I have a fantastic job which I enjoy.  It gives me the opportunity to be both creative and artistic.  To care and be there for people. 

I have been able to create artwork for sacred spaces we are developing within the the hospitals.  Currently it has just been my photography which is being used but I have also been allowed to create some larger pieces as I want to. 

I am also in the process of creating a large piece of art for a promotion we are doing.  It will be a mixed media piece using lamp work as a focal point.  its still drying as I type, I;m yet to do the glass bit… but I am excited that I am able to do something which combines both my love of paint and glass.

We are moving to a new stage in our fertility treatment… in that it looks like we might finally be getting some treatment.  After 4 years of trying to get our GP to refer us to a specialist we have finally managed to get somewhere.  We’re yet to see someone but it feels like we may now have some hope.

I guess in essence it feels like life is going on at a slower but maybe more productive level.  So for the rest of the day… I’m going to work on my script for script frenzy.

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