Thursday, 4 September 2008

Close encounter with a tree

Have to say it was A's rather than mine...

I got home from the gym at 9.00pm to find the front door locked.  Seeing as I have a horrible habit of locking A in when I go out I thought I had had one of my dozy moments.

What I found when I got in was a sorry for himself looking husband with a dog lying at his feet.  A looked as if the dog had scratched him down his face leaving a long scratch from his forehead to his cheek.

What had happened is he had gone for a walk in the dark, and a fallen tree branch attacked him leaving an amazing black eye and scratch to his face. 

In many ways it was a huge relief, but I did wanna go out and attack the tree which attacked him.  A had cataracts removed so his eye sight is incredibly precious.  My fear was if the dog had got him his eye could be injured, as it was it was only his face...

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  1. Oh dear, everyone is worried of going to the local shops incase they get attacked by the local group of chavs, when really we should be watching out for killer tree's when we take the dog for a walk :0S, I hope your husband/partner is ok now, Krista x


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