Monday, 1 September 2008

Forum Etiquette

You know I've been mulling this whole forum etiquette thing... why do some people get more comments from their comments and photos and others don't.... if you post a picture so that others will say that's nice but don't say anything about any one else's stuff is that breaking a subtle rule.... why do I use forums to promote my work when I make beads so other lampworker's don't really need to see what I make as generally they aren't my customers and it risks having a design your working on being copied by others ...

I guess this is me mulling again cos I don't really have any answers.  I'm coming to the conclusion is that I want a place to discuss glass and not someone stomach ache, a place to improve my skills and learn not read the latest crude joke... and I guess that's where the problem lies... I'm really not good at this whole networking thing.  I have enough of peoples misery and sorrow at work... I need an escape. 

I come to a point regularly every month saying to myself, what can I do to improve my work and promote it better... and you know I ask it monthly and never come up with any answers... so my plan this month is as I ask myself these questions is to write down some answers... and have a go at promoting myself to a far wider audience. 

So I guess watch this space and lets see how this one develops

thanx for dropping by


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