Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Slow down and smell the roses

I’ve said so often that I don't want to live in London and that I yearn to live somewhere on the south coast where there is a much slower pace of life.  I realized today how much of that fast pace lives in me and that if I were to move somewhere elflowers 006 copyse those thoughts would still be with me.  Just as they have when I have moved from job to job.

Over last few months I have been taking notice of the rhythm of my body, the whispers my body speaks to me when I’m not listening.  They really are asking me to slow down and I’ve been learning to listen to them.

I initially thought that it was just about dealing with my grief but there is something so much more than that.

I walked into Tesco at lunch today to pick up some bits and bobs.  The speed and pace of everyone around me seemed to be on another setting. A much higher one.  Everyone seemed so stressed and overwhelmed.  Including a mother who was pushing her shopping back out the car, holding her toddler by the hand, and the poor mite couldn't keep up with her.

The amazing thing was today I didn't feel the need to speed up to keep pace with them.  I got when I needed doing without feeling stressed.  I retained my peace and my tranquility and it felt good, good, good.  My creativity remained intact and there were flowing ideas.  It turned out to be a great lunch break.

It got me wondering, how many of the things I crave are very accurate but my solution is so very unhelpful and causes me to feel dissatisfied.  There is something about learning to love and live where I am.  Something which I’ve felt is such a corny thing to say… but you know I think it might actually be true.

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