Saturday, 23 August 2008

Freedom at last

I've been struggling for ages with completing a regular wholesale order... not the making them but the constantly changing demands of the person buying them.... then she had the cheek to ask for 100 beads in one week more than I normally provide... and return 60 of them.... as "unsuitable".

I've finally given it up and feel so so much better for it, I've even made some beads for myself.

IMG_3586 copy

How cool is that... the beads aren't the most fantastic ever but I really think there is mileage in these designs... I also realize that my standards around beads must have changed because in the past I would have been soooo proud of these.

And regarding the diet.... I said for every pound I lost I would put money aside to get to Hawaii and would monitor the distance to get there... well... according to my map I've traveled 1086 miles of the 7240 miles I need to get there... how fun is that.... I'm currently south of Iceland on my map in the middle of the Atlantic.

Map image
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