Saturday, 16 February 2008

The Flat Saga Continues

New Beads are on Etsy

For those of you who are not aware I'm going for the record on how long it takes to sell a flat... we're currently on 4 and a half years with 4 buyers pulling out at the last minute. Quite an achievement I think.

I went back to the flat for the first time today since the non-paying lodgers moved out. Oh my, its in a mess. So I guess me and my paint roller will be getting to know each other... I sooooo don't like that job... but I need to cover when someone has drawn on the wall, someone has painted black board paint on the wall... and as for the random cupboard that were put up and removed... it looks like the wall has chicken pox.
And the question is... how do you forward important post to people, when you dont know thier address? The pile of post in the flat was so high it is silly and from the look of the outside of the envelopes I think one of them has just got points on their driving licence and I guess a fine... but they wont know about it becuase the letters have gone to my flat... so the question is what do I do. The evil part of me has one idea and the moral part of me says I need to find a way to forward it to them.Anyway...we've dropped the price of the flat... the estates agents are now in a race with the finacial advisor. The estate agent wins if they find a buyer before the buy to let mortgage comes through... but what ever way the estate agent wins if we let it out through them...

See ya soon... and lets hope this saga is coming to an end.


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