Monday, 18 February 2008

Best Laid Plans

I agreed to show a friends daughter how to make beads today... only things didnt quite go to plan.

First of all the dog had left a welcome gift right by the shed door... nice.... then I got in to find that my bead release had frozen.... so with 5 minutes to go I only had one option... I had to microwave it.... I opened the microwave door only to find that the lid of the bead release had flown of.... so now I kinda need to clean the microwave.

I have to say though... smooth'n'tuff bead release seems to like being microwaved... it didnt play up at all today... which I thought with someone new to bead making pulling it around, it might have done... so is this the solution to my smooth and tuff problems... hope so... and may be a tip I need to pass

Anyway... this is just a mini post as there will be piccies of the new beads avaliable on my site posted later today... as monday is listings day...

See ya soon


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