Monday, 3 March 2008

New Beads

Hey there,

Today's been an interesting day. The lock on the flat was completely broken... it took the poor guy an hour to get into the flat. At least it was secure.

He managed to open the door just as the surveyor for the new mortgage arrived... He was half an hour early so it was good the locksmith had managed to do his bit

The good news is that there should be no problem with the mortage

But I started the cleaning... they guys who were lodging had no idea what cleaining was. Whats really making me sad is that my brand new cooker looks absolutely aweful. Lets hope the new guys in will respect the place more.

So today has been a day of cleaning and sorting the flat and not bead making. But I do have a bunch of new bead sets up on the website

Thanx for reading


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